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Welcome to Euphoria Talent

Many job-site algorithms disqualify candidates that may not fit the typical mold. Gaps in CVs, flexible working needs and new newcomers to the country are factors that often overshadow the skills these people have to offer. Our goal is to leverage the power of technology and unlock the awesome of these candidates to create a diverse and inclusive environment.

We’re committed to help professionally accomplished people connect with world-class companies that seek out diverse talent to make their workplace inclusive.

We know that:

  • Mothers can manage highly successful careers and a family at the same time
  • Parents who require flexible hours can be powerful team members
  • Skilled professionals that lack experience in their new country can do amazing things
  • Seniors make enormous contributions in professional roles

In the next five years, we will connect our diverse and inclusive talent community with over $100M in economic opportunity through job matches, upskilling opportunities and research-backed policy.

We are just beginning.Join us.

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Join our wait list as we prepare to launch Euphoria talent marketplace for professionals dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

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Join our wait list as we prepare to launch a talent marketplace dedicated to diverse and inclusive professional opportunities.

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