How to Overcome the Labor Shortages in 2022
15 Dec 2021

How to Overcome the Labor Shortages in 2022

You are not alone. Employers across the

15 Dec 2021

You are not alone. Employers across the country are struggling to fill their open positions with qualified talent. As a result, there is increasing demand on employers to offer flexibility. Whether it’s flexible work schedules, personal time off, job sharing, or remote work arrangements, employees are holding out for better choices to stay mentally healthy and safe.

There are also demographic impacts, with some workers affected more than others. Recently, most of the job growth went to men, while women lost jobs or stopped looking for work.

The statistics show that flexible schedules is the top request. For employers looking to find and retain talent, consider the following flexible options:

  1. Job sharing opportunities to allow for flexible hours, in turn helping employers to cover off roles even during vacation season
  2. Remote and hybrid options could attract more candidates as well as address safety concerns related to COVID in the workplace.

By offering these options, you attract and retain people. Additionally, you can improve employee morale and build an inclusive, modern workplace. For more information, see WhenIWork’s blog Labor shortage.




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