03 May 2023

Learning solutions can maximize IT investments

  Learning and training is a key

03 May 2023


Learning and training is a key ingredient to maximizing ROI in an IT project. It enables employees to effectively utilize the new technology or system being implemented. Here’s an example of how a robust learning and training strategy improved ROI:

Our client invested in a new workforce management system to improve the accuracy of payroll and employee satisfaction. They recognized that without proper training and understanding of the system, their employees might struggle to use it to its full potential.

To maximize ROI, the company developed a comprehensive learning and training strategy that included the following elements:

  1. Training Needs Assessment: They assessed the skill levels and knowledge gaps of their employees related to the IT system. This helped them identify the specific areas that required training and customization.
  2. Customized Training Program: Based on the assessment results, they designed a training program tailored to their employees’ needs. It included a combination of classroom training, online tutorials, hands-on exercises, and access to training materials and resources.
  3. User Adoption Workshops: They organized interactive workshops to promote user adoption and engagement. These workshops encouraged employees to explore the system’s features, ask questions, and share best practices. This fostered a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.
  4. Ongoing Support: The company provided ongoing support and assistance through dedicated help desks, user forums, and regular communication channels. This ensured that employees had access to resources and experts who could address their questions or concerns even after the initial training.

The result of this learning and training strategy was a significant improvement in ROI. Here’s how it happened:

  1. Increased User Adoption: By investing in comprehensive training, employees gained the knowledge and confidence to use the CRM system effectively. This led to higher user adoption rates, ensuring that the new system was fully utilized throughout the organization.
  2. Improved Productivity: With proper training, employees could leverage the system’s capabilities to streamline their time tracking and approval processes, automate tasks, and improve the accuracy of payroll for its employees. This resulted in increased productivity, reduced manual effort, and improved efficiency in managing customer relationships.
  3. Enhanced Data Accuracy: Training helped employees understand the importance of accurate data entry and management within the system. As a result, data quality and integrity improved, leading to better decision-making and improved customer insights.
  4. Enhanced Employee Experience: With a better understanding of the system, employees were able to improve the process of scheduling, tracking and paying employees. This led to improved employee satisfaction, increased loyalty, and potentially higher retention of employees due to their ongoing satisfaction.

In this scenario, the investment in learning and training played a critical role in maximizing ROI for the IT project. It empowered employees to fully utilize the IT system, resulting in improved productivity, payroll accuracy, and employee experience. By focusing on continuous learning and training, the company was able to reap the benefits of their IT investment and achieve a higher return.

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